Who we are

Coach Timothy is a wrestling fanatic. He is also one of the pioneers of Singapore Wrestling, he first started praticing the sport in 2008 from the very beginnings. He has first taught by Coach Paul Veleki and then Coach Sergei Belaglazov.

He indulges on the finer points of wrestling an enjoys the technical aspect of the sport of wrestling. Coach Tim tends to break down wrestling moves into extreme technical detail. Coach Tim is the founder of Lions wrestling club and believes that anyone can enjoy the sport of wrestling. He also has a background in other combat arts such as, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Submission grappling and Striking.

– NCAP Level 2 (Technical- Freestyle wrestling)
– NCAP Level 1 (Coaching Theory)
– First Aid & CPR certified
– Committee Member Wrestling Federation Singapore
– Referee for Freestyle wrestling tournaments (Singapore)
– Certified SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) Close Combat Instructor. (61st Batch)
– Judo Team competition 2008. (Silver)
– Team Take Down Tournament 2013 (Competitor)

Coach Kester Leung is a competitive national wrestler and represented Singapore in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. He is considered a technical and creative wrestler and has over 4 years of accumulated freestyle wrestling experience. His nick name is “slinky” because of his height which proves difficult for his opponents.

– 2010 Youth Olympic Games Singapore representative
– 2010 Youth-Olympic Games Qualifiers (Uzbekistan)
– National Athlete
– 2011 Singapore National Trials Cadet-58kg-1st Seniors-60kg-2nd
– 2011 Junior Asian Championships (Indonesia)-58kg -5th
– 2012 Singapore National Trials Seniors 60kg -2nd
– 2013 Thailand Regional Championships -60kg – 1st
– 2013 Southeast Junior Asian Championships(Thailand) – 66kg- 7th

– More profiles to come


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