Andreas Larson wins gold medal at Singapore Wrestling National Open Trials

Lions Wrestling Club Singapore – Kids member. Andreas Larson recently competed in the Singapore wrestling national open trials and and clinched the gold medal of his category. Troy Hoare and Martin Johari have also clinched a Silver and Bronze medal respectively in their own categories.


Celestine wins 1st place


Lions Wrestling club member Celestine Seet has recently clinched 1st place for her category in the recent Singapore grappling tournament 2014 held at City Square Mall on 8-9 February 2014.

Celestine has been wrestling for only a month and is slowly but surely building up her technical take down arsenal. Aside from wrestling celestine also trains Judo with JudoFit under Sensei Daniel Malkiewicz.

Celestine is a very keen student and shows keen learning interest in the technical aspects of the grappling game.

The importance of wrestling in MMA

Of all the aspects of fighting that a fighter can and must utilize in an MMA match, it is without question that possessing the ability to grapple is the most valuable tool available to those who have it.

It is no coincidence that hoards of wrestlers pour into the sport with great success. The UFC is littered with fighters, spanning the length of its existence, who broke in with wrestling backgrounds and developed their individual games while always utilizing their best skill in the cage. From Severn through Couture and Lesnar through Edgar, wrestling has always played an integral role in championship careers.

The ability to dictate where the fights goes bridges the gap between the striking and ground grappling realms. Wrestling is the most important discipline in MMA. At this stage, It’s not a theory but a time-tested fact.

Article Credit Bleacher report

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